Document Set – Power Of SharePoint

How can i define a Document set ?
– In a simple term, Document set is “A Folder with Metadata”.
-In a different way, Document set is a set of /group of related documents that you can manage as a single entity.

What is a document set ?
– People often generates the set of documents for many kind of projects as “results” or “deliverable”.
– For example, A professional services company might produce a standard “Purchase Order”,”Sales Order”,”Presentations” etc etc.
– These types of documents might always contains the certain piece of information like Order Number, Vendor Name, Transaction Id, Order Amount etc.
– Document set can help organizations manage this type of business scenarios more easily and effectively.

How can i implement document set?
– Document set is a special content type which is hidden in SharePoint.
– If Document sets feature as has not been activated for your site collection, you will need to activate it. Please follow the below steps to active document sets feature at site collection level.
– You must be a Site Collection Administrator to activate the Document Sets feature.

Enable Document Sets feature in Site collection

  1. Go to the top-level site in the site collection for which you want to enable Document Sets.
  2. On the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings.
  3. Under Site Collection Administration, click Site collection features.
  4. Find Document Sets in the list, and then click Activate.
Activate Document Sets feature

Once the Document Sets feature is activated, a new parent content type added to your site collection with the name “Document Set”. Content Type Id of Document Set will be 0x0120D520“.
– The parent content type of Document Set is “Document Collection Folder” which is inherited from the “Folder” content type.

Document Set vs Folder

FeatureDocument SetFolder
Combination of folder and metadataYesNo
Customize the UI of welcome page. The welcome pages contain additional web part,metadata and other information.YesNo
Allow us to add columnYesNo
 Trigger workflow YesNo
Change a bulk amount of metadataYesNo

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