Enable and Setup Global Navigation in SharePoint Online

Introduction to Global Navigation App Bar

Help users discover significant substance and assets regardless of where they are in SharePoint.
The SharePoint application bar is intended to improve the worldwide way discovering experience while powerfully showing customized destinations, news and records.
The application bar can be gotten to on the left-hand side anywhere in SharePoint.

Which artifacts are part of SharePoint App bar experience?

The SharePoint application bar unites intranet assets and customized content like #Sites, #news and #files.
Users can helpfully investigate/explore to intranet assets (sites, news and files) wherever in SharePoint by empowering global navigation.
Modify global navigation information and Microsoft Graph will wrap up of the work by powerfully showing and refreshing customized content for sites, news and documents.

Beneath things that we need to remember for global navigation App bar.

  1. Only Global Navigation app bar tab that can be altered.
  2. At the point when global navigation is cripped or not designed, then home symbol connects to SharePoint start page.
  3. Specific SharePoint app bar tabs cannot be disabled.
  4. The SharePoint app bar enables for all sites. User can not make it disabled for specific sites.
  5. The SharePoint application bar isn’t accessible on classic SharePoint sites today (at the time writing this article), anyway s0on managers will want to add it to classic sites physically.
  6. Guest users or external users are not able to access Global Navigation App Bar
  7. Current page customization may be affected because of  SharePoint App Bar
  8. Microsoft Graph is responsible for personalized content inside App Bar
  9. At the point when Microsoft Graph is impaired, the news and sites experience will be debased.
  10. SharePoint application bar should be empowered all together for SharePoint assets to show in the Microsoft Teams application bar for Viva Connections.

User experience and organization’s Intranet Architecture significantly changed while applying SharePoint App Bar.
To ensure seamless experience, Please follow end-user guidance

How to customize Global Navigation Tab?


  1. Global Navigation Tab Customization requires Home Site in SharePoint. 
  2. Site Owner permission required to the Home Site to enable global Navigation.
  3. User need read access on Home Site to view Global Navigation links.
  4. Audiance Targetting can be applied to Global Navigatin Links.
  5. It may take 24 hours for the changes to affect for users.

Before starting I am assuming that you have set Home site in your tenant.

  1. Navigate to your organization Home Site 

2. Select Settings and then global navigation settings

If you do not see global navigation settings under settings then you might not have required permission on home site.

3. Switch Enable Global Navigation Toggle on

4. Next, add the Logo for global navigation that will be recognizable to users to replace the home icon in the app bar. No action is needed if you choose to keep the default home icon
Global navigation logo specifications

5. Then, enter title which will be displayed at the top of the Global Navigation bar.

6. Finally determine Navigate Source if needed by selecting Edit Global Navigation.

Determine the global navigation source depending on your home site’s configuration.

Select Site navigation source if you want to display Home site navigation in global navigation app bar

Select hub site navigation source if you want to display Hub site navigation in global navigation app bar.

How to disable SharePoint App bar using PowerShell?

Download and install latest version of SharePoint Online Management Shell 
Run the following command by connecting through global admin access in power shell.

Set-SPOTemporarilyDisableAppBar $true 

To check app bar is disable or enable, Please follow below command in power shell.

PS C:\WINDOWS\System32> Get-SPOTemporarilyDisableAppBar

How to enable SharePoint App bar using PowerShell?
Run below command in PowerShell.

Set-SPOTemporarilyDisableAppBar $false  

Reference Links:
Learn more about Home Site
Learn more about Modern site and Information Architecture in SharePoint
Setup Home site for organization

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